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3 Key Ways to Protect Your Marijuana Seedlings

When your marijuana seeds start to sprout, you'll notice that they have a split in them. The white tendril which grows quickly and pushes down until it’s deep enough for holding up the rest of the plant (namely the stalk) The key thing about this stage is simply paying attention so nothing goes unnoticed!

The split husk of a plant turns into something like an elaborate leaf, with chlorophyll being produced inside. You can see that one part grows up while another downward; they’re not separate entities but instead work together as part of the whole system which will provide nutrients for all parts in need!

The first two leaves, completely unique from any future ones that will grow up out of the seed’s split. These suckers are called and mark the beginning for more leaf growth with their own distinct shape: a little like chicken feet because they have three lobes on each side while being flat as well – not exactly what you’d call ‘ladylike’. After these come other similar looking but much simpler affairs where there’s just one large lobe at either end (five-lobed), then another with seven altogether; this last sort isn’t so common in cannabis plants though

Protecting your seedlings:

When you’re growing plants, it is important to keep them safe from pests and other animals that might want a snack on their leaves. One way of doing this would be by sheltering your seedlings with something like clear plastic domes or bubbles which can also protect against rain damage! These are super easy to use – just cut down an old bottle top off one side then recycle both pieces (the top half goes back into the recycling bin), and place them over young plants until they are strong enough to hit the top of the dome under your light or ready to be transplanted outside after the last frost. 

The best way to ensure your seedlings get all the water and sunlight they need is by watering them regularly. You can increase their chances of survival with regular misting, as well! When your seedlings don’t get enough sunlight, the plant stretches taller and becomes too heavy to hold up. One solution is a Pot for Pot – these offer an all-inclusive box containing everything that’s needed including water! We sell the solutions right here on SeedGod

The goal with this type of growing is to provide your young plants plenty sunlight so they can grow large, healthy leaves from the beginning. You’ll also want them lean towards getting light and avoid rot by making sure there’s no tall weak stems in sight!

Water Matters:

When you care for a seedling, one common problem is giving them too much water. The issue has more to do with not providing enough oxygen and nutrients to reach the roots of your plant in containers since there’s no way for excess fluid outside of these limitations can go other than up against its sides where it will eventually evaporate or drain back out again once some pressure builds behind those opposing surfaces due their shape.

Do you know that thing where you water your plants too much? Yeah, well this is what happens when they get thirsty after being underwater for a while. Your young roots can’t absorb all the moisture in a large amount so instead of doing okay like mature ones do with less frequency and pressure from above ground level rains or watering cans etc., little bits will leak away into their surroundings until there isn’t enough left to survive on its own anymore!

The first sign may just look like drooping leaves–which happens

You can start your marijuana plants’ life by putting them in a smaller container and then moving on to bigger ones once they have grown some. If there is no time left before the issue needs fixing, just make sure that one area around their roots gets wet: circle all around where you want water applied while making certain not too much goes into other areas of soil or potting mix since this could cause problems with root growths (and possibly lead even more!). You may end up doing rounds at different heights depending on how tall each individual plant becomes; however do keep an eye out for dry spots as these might become serious issues if left unchecked. Keep in mind fewer transplants mean a larger size plant. 

Drainage is key

One way to keep your plants from drowning in water and dying is by making sure they have a good drainage system. This means not only does the container have holes punch out for breathability, but also soil that will quickly let the liquid run through it so you don’t end up with an overly wet mess on top of any other problems at home!

The best way to keep your plants happy and healthy is by maintaining their ideal temperature. If it’s too hot, just move the lamp further away from the plant; if they’re experiencing high temperatures that cause curl up of leaves ( canoe shape), then you may need some shading or more moisture in order for them to stay lush! 73 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal for seedlings. 

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