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The cannabis industry is a billion-dollar business. 

SeedGod Bulk Seeds

Want to supply your commercial customers with exclusive strains that sets your business aside? 

What is the Bulk Seed Program?

With new strains developed regularly it is hard to source seeds in bulk. The commercial buyers are stuck buying up small retail seed packs which cut severely into their margins. We developed a program geared directly towards bulk buyers and their needs. We have the most reliable, potent, and successful cannabis strains on the market. The bulk customers get a unique account and set of benefits not available to the common buyer with competitive tiers to earn steeper discount rates to bolster your margins.


Bulk Seeds

Why Bulk Seeds Germination - Seed God - Premium Cannabis Seeds

The cannabis business is growing so to keep up with supply you simply need to cultivate more. Also buying in bulk allows you to grow some to seed, create clones, and be able to cultivate the highest quality simply because there is more to inspect and experiment with. We take the guessing work out of the seed journey by providing only verified seeds directly from globally trusted and tested breeders.    

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How it works

Step 1


Simply fill out the Seed God commercial buyers application. All you need is a few key bits of information to identify your account. Over 97% approval rate.

Step 2


Once submitted it takes up to 24hrs to get approved and receive your welcome kit and specialty order form.Once approved you can place an order the same day .

Step 3


Everyone starts at silver but you quickly earn your way through reward tiers and discounts. Place your orders directly via your numbered order forms and get access to the sales account manager.